Presently: In Love

Dear Amelia,

You talk to yourself a lot, both out loud and in your head, and I’ve heard some of the things you’ve been saying lately…. and they ain’t cool.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that you are loved. And since I’ve always been a better write than a talker, I thought, why not tell you in a love letter.

I love you. I love you so much sometimes it feels like my heart could burst. I get excited to wake up every morning in your skin. You have a great life. Sure, sometimes it seems “boring” and sometimes you catch yourself day dreaming about an adventure you think may never happen, but let me remind you, every day with you is an adventure. You look at the world with a unique set of eyes. You can turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary. You have that magic in you.

Not only do I love you, but the people in your life feel the same way. The kids you spend your weeks with, love you. Your friends, love you. Your family, loves you. Trust that. Trust that you are so, so loved.

The last thing I need to tell you is this: you are worthy of that love. You are worthy of the love you give yourself and the love you recieve from others. Let go of any pain from your past trying to tell you otherwise and live in the present moment surrounded by all of this love! It is a gift, and it’s okay to recieve it.

You are beautiful. You are kind. You are smart. And you are loved. Don’t just know these things, own these things. You are enough, Amelia Ruth Brantley. Never forget it.

I love you, always.