Day 7

Woot! One week sober (again)! So how does it feel?!

Well, I’m so bloated that while I was checking out at the grocery store earlier, someone said “congratulations”, and I’m pretty sure I just hacked up an actual piece of my lung.

Sobriety is really doing wonders for my sex appeal.

But seriously, it feels freaking great. I feel like I’m back on track. I can’t remember the last time I went a week without a drink or a cigarette (just kidding, yes I can, it was 2015, but you get what I’m trying to say).

My first week sober was easy. My mom came to town and while she was here we realized history was repeating itself. She had come to visit me during my first week of sobriety last year, and I remember being super grateful to have her there because she helped keep me on track. This time around was no different. Eva doesn’t let me get away with much, so even if I wanted to drink or smoke (which I did), it wasn’t going to happen on her watch.

We had a great weekend. She came to surprise me with two of our family friends and we spent three straight days laughing and exploring and eating. One of these friends is a nineteen year old aspiring actress, who reminds me a lot of myself ten years ago. She’s hopeful and determined, although definitely more mature than I was at nineteen. I can tell she means it when she says she wants to be an actress and I can tell she’s going to give this city hell once she moves here.

I guess my first weekend sober, with these amazing people, made me really grateful for present and cognitive interactions. I forgot how good it feels to sit across the table from someone and listen to every word they say. I forgot how good it feels to laugh until I cry. I forgot how good it feels to wake up bright and early to have coffee with my Mama. I forgot how good it feels to go to bed at 10pm. I forgot how good it feels to feel like I’m enough without a drink in my hand.

Yeah, I’d say this week was packed full of friendly reminders.


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